Not being at Glastonbury…

I knew this would happen. After three years of being a Glastonbury reveller I decided this would be my fallow year. A combination of lack of money and desire to get a job convinced me it was a mature, wise decision to sit Glastonbury 2008 out. Then the line-up came out and I continued to be confident in my restraint. There were a few exciting acts, but I didn’t have the burning desire to go of 2005 and 2007. Until today.

Me and my friend Jennie at Glastonbury 2005

The problem started as I helped my parents and younger sister pack for their inaugural outing to Worthy Farm. As I helped them with handy mud-avoiding tips and gazed again at the line up, I began to get the first pangs of jealousy. I suppressed them and instead tried to look forward to a weekend of a free house and enjoying the festival on tv.

Alas, the nation’s media decided my resolve would be short lived. Every outlet was insistent on making me feel like a big Glastonbury loser. Radio One bombarded me with Glasto propaganda, The Guardian told me how amazing the festival would be, The Independent sang the praises of the Kings of Leon and Jimmy Cliff and BBC News showed endless clips of happy campers.

On the up side, I will be sleeping the next four nights in a warm bed, not a hard tent floor, but this doesn’t reduce my jealousy.

All I am now hoping for is a little bit of rain. Not too much (I don’t want to wish the misery of Sunday 2007 on my friends and family) but maybe just a bit.

Warmer times in 2005:

Wetter ones in 2007:


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